Catla - Bochu Fish


Scrumptious, delicious, and absolutely appetizing

Price :₹299

No. of Pieces 7-9
Net Wt. 500g
Serves 5
Gross Wt. 500g

This South-Asian carp is the ultimate choice for all fish lovers. A freshwater fish for your perfect Bengali curry. Customize your curry according to your taste and make it better with the mom's certified texture of our Catla fish.


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·        Fish straight off the coast

·        Stringent food-safety inspection

·        Scaled and cleaned in RO-water

·        Artisanal butchery

·        Net weight of prepped meat only

·        Temperature controlled

·        100% chemical-free

·        Environmentally responsible fishing

·        No Frozen fish

·        No Fish older than 18 hours or more

·        No Mix of different species

The coastal waters of the west of Southern India are laden with a variety of fish and seafood species. From there comes our export-quality fish that are caught every day.


Employing small local fishing boats with specifications of size, colour and texture, we fish every day and immediately chill them to below 4°C—eliminating the need to freeze, thus preserving the natural taste and texture of the fish.


All our fish and seafood are transported within 18hrs in our temperature-controlled vehicles to our facility without the use of Formalin or any other Chemical Additions.